• Image of (5)  or (10)  Assorted Swirl Hair Jewels

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This is for 5 handmade hair jewels. Because these are handmade, they will vary in size and form and are created with much love and care.

You select the amount 5 or 10.
You select Regular or Heavy Duty wire.

Regular wire is very flexible. It can easily be adjusted to fit if needed. Heavy Duty is sturdy- very difficult to bend out of shape.

Assorted colors will vary based on availability. All of the colors are gorgeous 😊You will be delighted!

Choose the size based on the thickness of your dreads, braids, or twists.

medium- #2 pencil size (MOST COMMON)
large- sharpie size

For sizing, hold your dread, braid, or twist next to a #2 pencil, if it's about that size or slightly larger, you need a medium. For a large, compare the thickness of your hair to a sharpie.

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